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Keep Moving Forward

So we are about to wrap up the year and we have produced several TV productions that we feel have helped us reach a milestone we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. This year has seen a lot of activity and breakthroughs in the local film community, and this is what we need to become a recognizable industry in Africa and the world over.

As Invision Studios, we are currently in production for our first TV series. We have been working with an amazing cast and crew to make it happen. On the 11th of November we had the first screening of the pilot episode with our cast and we allowed for it to be an open floor for people to give us honest opinions of what can be done better to make this the best production that it can be.

With that said, let me not reveal too much. We still love the element of surprise!

Always make way everyday for innovative filming and forward thinking.

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