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Invision Something Better...

Imagine a world without imagination...

Hard to imagine isn't it? Try to imagine yourself not being able to do exactly what you are doing. Let us make it easier for you... back to basics, hunting and gathering. Nobody setting traps or planting seeds because we can not imagine not having to hunt or gather our food. We can not imagine a more efficient way to survive?

And yet it is our instinct to survive. So maybe we instinctively develop livestock and agriculture. It still remains, however, that to develop any sort of system a process of theoretical assessment is elemental. We have to imagine the possibilities.

We really cannot imagine not imagining can we? No, it is in the very fibre of our being. Passed down throughout human history, recorded and otherwise, as an instinct to develop. An instinct that has proven to be more beneficial than our survival instinct, for it allows us not only to survive but to thrive! So you see, we could always survive... but we imagine and thrive.

We Invision something better.

Yellow Canna_edited
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