A father witnesses a new chapter in his relationship with his daughter unveil before his eyes, one tainted by the choices of his actions.
Who’s reality is crazy? After killing her husband a mental patient is convinced she is part of a human experiment but will anyone believe her?
One Night Stand
A man's one night stand with an anonymous woman goes all wrong when he awakens from a nightmare sleeping next to her.
Inicio Demise
Only two things last forever, death and taxes. And a young boy has an encounter with one of them that marks a change in his life.
A mystery lingers around Jeremy, a loner not eager to share. What are his secrets, and what do all the individuals in the room relate to him?
A young girl finds herself caught up in a web of men, and with no one close, her fears haunt her everywhere she runs.
A man finds himself in a cycle of life of work, sleep, REPEAT - All until life awakens before he does
Lungs: Lyssa’s Vengeance
Lucius a paranoid medical termed schizophrenic, is trapped between his own known world and a parallel world only found in his dreams.
3 Love stories captured in the form of 3 Letters showing the heartbreak a lover suffers after being left for another.
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