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Far From Yesterday Feature Film



Tagline : Face your past, forgive yourself, begin again

Genre: Drama

Release Date: November, 2015


Logline: A thug impregnates a young girl and abandons her at his homestead, in hopes of burying the implications of his actions. But what do you do if a resurrected past knocks on your door?


Directed by:               Charles Mugaviri, Jr.


Produced by:             Blessing Chinanga 

                                    Denise Edwards






Music by:                        Hugh Kalino

Cinematography:          Blessing Chinanga

Edited by:                       Denise Edwards

Production Company:   Invision Studios

Country:                          Zimbabwe

Language:                       English, Shona


Production Associates:   The Decent Arthouse

                                          TV Yangu

                                          P.O Box


Awards: Hannah Madzikanda - Actress of the Year (ZIWAs) 2015

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Cinema Posters

Hannah Madzikanda
Stacey Danana
Gari Phiri
Denise Edwards
John Cole
Jonathan Denga
Ammara Brown
Stacey Danana as Maria Banda