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Tagline : Face your past, forgive yourself, begin again

Genre: Drama


Logline: A thug impregnates a young girl and abandons her at his homestead, in hopes of burying the implications of his actions. But what do you do if a resurrected past knocks on your door?


Directed by:               Charles Mugaviri, Jr.


Produced by:             Blessing Chinanga 

                                    Denise Edwards






Music by:                        Hugh Kalino

Cinematography:          Blessing Chinanga

Edited by:                       Denise Edwards

Production Company:   Invision Studios

Country:                          Zimbabwe

Language:                       English, Shona


Production Associates:   The Decent Arthouse

                                          TV Yangu

                                          P.O Box


Awards: Hannah Madzikanda - Actress of the Year (ZIWAs)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Cinema Posters

Hannah Madzikanda
Stacey Danana
Gari Phiri
Denise Edwards
John Cole
Jonathan Denga
Ammara Brown
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